Champagne iPhone 5S Sells On eBay for Ten Grand

A guy made $10,100 selling his sealed, factory-unlocked champagne trim iPhone 5S 16 GB on eBay. That's the craze people have over the new trim, which is being mistakenly referred to as the "gold iPhone 5S." The trim is sold out on most markets it launched in.

There are two theories to this madness. First, that the champagne trim is exclusive to the iPhone 5S, which clearly sets it apart from the iPhone 5. In the gray and white trims, the two can't be made apart, except if you pay close attention to the chrome ring around the home key, or the bigger camera flash; and second, that people genuinely like the trim. If so, we dread the near-future, where practically every smartphone maker pimps out their flagship handsets.