Total Domination Available On App Store For Free

Motion 9 Studios, a mobile app development company that specializes in iOS and Android games, has announced the release of their latest game, Total Dominance, for the iOS platform. The game is based on the ancient strategy board game "Six Men Morris".

The game is available for the iPhone, iPod and iPad, and is a two-player strategy board game set against a backdrop of the American civil war. The board game was originally played using coins as the game pieces, but they've included pieces of Confederate and Union civil war soldiers. Total Dominance offers two game modes, the first allows the player to play against the game's artificial intelligence to learn the rules and to practice, and the second is turn-based, multiplayer online where you can play against your friends or randomly selected opponents.

The original board game called "Nine Men Morris" (which has 3, 6, 9, and 12 variations) seems to have originated during the the time when the Roman Empire was around and later peaked in popularity during in Medieval England. The game has an interesting history, so jump over to the Wiki if you you find it interesting.

Total Domination is available on the Apple App Store and it free for the taking.