Apple iPhone 8 Lineup Tops DxOMark; Teardown Reveals Almost No Changes To iPhone 7

While all eyes are currently on the new iPhone X, Apple is hoping to have a big success with the iPhone 8 lineup as well. As we all have expected, the new iPhone 8 family is basically the same as the old iPhone 7 with a fresh coat of paint, glass back and improved specifications.

According to iFixit, the inside of the new iPhones are almost the same with some small changes. The battery is slightly smaller, and there is a strange little chip in the display assembly that iFixit couldn't identify.

With improved specifications, first tests show that Apple definitely has the best camera on the market. According to popular DxOMark camera benchmarking site, iPhone 8 Plus has the best camera with a score of 94, followed by iPhone 8 with 92 and Google Pixel with 90. It will be interesting to see the performance of iPhone X.