New York's MTA Releases An iOS App For Real-Time Subway Train Arrival

New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority has released the beta version of an app that will allow users to get an estimated arrival time of trains on six of their lines. The app is currently available for iOS devices but the app for other OSs should be coming.

The app is appropriately named, "MTA Subway Time", and will give information for 156 stations on six of their lines and will also include the 42nd Street shuttle. The project of installing sensors throughout the subway lines has been in progress from 1997 through 2008 at a total cost of over $228 million dollars.

The MTA also announced that in their commitment to transparency, the arrival data will be available to 3rd party app makers so they can include the train times in their apps to compliment any other innovative ideas that they come up with.

If you plan on visiting New York, you may want to take a peek at the included image of the subway map to give you an idea of why this app could be very useful.