Stardock Announces Mobile Division, 3 Games In The Pipe

Stardock, the developer and publisher of such games as Sins of a Solar Empire and the Galactic Civilization series, announced today that they have created of a newly formed mobile division, Stardock Mobile. The new division will be focusing on strategy games for mobile.

"Our core team consists of incredibly talented and passionate people," said Chris Bray, senior producer at Stardock Mobile. "Stardock is known for great strategy games. The mobile games - though they will vary in genre - will always have an element of strategy in the gameplay. Thought-provoking, fun game experiences are what ignite our creativity at Stardock, and we look forward to continuing that same tradition with our mobile offerings."

Starting next month, they will release their first game titled Dead Man's Draw for iOS on the Apple App Store. It's a type of strategy-based card game that blends the best elements from puzzle games, strategy games and classic card games. The game will include sword, maps and cannons that allows you to battle against pirates of varying abilities.

Early next year they will be releasing two more games, Hero Busters and Star Trails, but there is no details about these games currently