OnePlus Secretly Collects User Data

OnePlus has some great flagship smartphones, but there are also some things many users didn't know. According to Chris Moore, owner of a UK-based security and tech blog, the company is secretly collecting user data without their permission.

He found out that his phone connects to OnePlus' "" domain and collects following information:

  • Reboot timestamps
  • Charging timestamps
  • Screen on/off timestamps
  • Device firmware details
  • Device serial number
  • Device IMEI
  • MAC address
  • App processes and accompanying timestamps

There are ways to block that domain, such as using a security tool like NetGuard, but it is sad to see that yet another company collects information that compromises the user's security and privacy. Stay tuned for the official response from OnePlus and for more information about this, check the official post by Chris Moore.