Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations Gets New Trailer

Just two days ago, on September 24th, we reported that the new game Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations by the simulation people over at had bee released for the PC. They now have released a new trailer in case you're still trying to justify the cost.

The game is a tad pricey as the digital version comes in at about $80, and the boxed version at $95, but the game is touted as offering the most realistic and challenging commercially available modern air and naval warfare simulator, and may be well worth the price if you like these types of game.

The trailer looks suspiciously like the trailer they dropped on release day, but they announced it as new so we're reporting it for you. Either way, it shows off the game in case you are interested.

Here is their pitch to get you to buy it ... "If you are still considering whether or not to purchase, we are going to convince you with this new beautiful cinematic Trailer Video."