Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SIM Locking Not As Bad As Reported

An interesting, and rather unpleasant discovery about the newly launched Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was that the device will get SIM locked when used with a SIM from another region. For example, an Indian buyer shouldn't install a SIM from a European operator, if he has plans to go back to India anytime soon and continue using his newly purchased Note 3.

Thankfully, the SIM locking story is not as bad as you may have readd online. SamMobile has given us the proper and accurate story, and it's nothing to worry about, really. It goes like this: if you purchase a new Galaxy Note 3 and install a SIM card from your own region in it for the first time, the device will remain unlocked and can later be used with SIMs from across the globe. However, if the first SIM you install in your Note belongs to another region, you'll need to purchase an unlock code if you happen to shift to another region in the world in the future.