Google Nexus 7 Now On Sale In India For Just Rs. 9,999

Yesteryear's Google Nexus 7 tablet has just received yet another price cut, driving the price of this Nexus to just Rs. 9,999 (other 7-inch tablets in the market are breaking a sweat or two now). For that price, this Android tablet is an absolute steal for anybody looking for a cheap and portable multimedia device, and even for all of those people with an INR 10k budget who were considering purchasing a tablet from one of the Indian companies.

This price cut is most definitely the last one we'll see for the Nexus 7, which itself is probably on its last batch now. That means, if the device goes out of stock this time, it will mostly stay like that. In case you are considering picking this, you should hurry up. At the same time, we can't help but wonder if the Nexus 7 2013 launch is right round the corner. Our insider sources speak of a late October release, during the Indian festival of Diwali, with a price tag of INR 19,000 for the 16 GB WiFi base model. Let's wait to see if that pans out to be true.

Google Nexus 7 for Rs. 9,999 via Amazon India | Flipkart