Apple iPad 5 SmartCovers Pictured, Fewer Grooves

Apple's 5th generation iPad features a dramatically different design, which will finally make you retire the 9.7-inch SmartCover that's been compatible with the past three generations of the tablet. The new SmartCover features fewer grooves along which to fold it.

Like the tablet it's designed to cover, SmartCover for 5th generation iPad is an optical enlargement of that of the iPad mini. The tablet is narrower due to slimmer long bezels. The cover, hence, features just two grooves, compared to the original's three. The antinode closest to the magnetic joint is the biggest, and should result in more contact with the tablet's back, when it's being used as a stand in the landscape orientation. There's still no way to fold it, to make it a stand in the portrait mode, and that we feel, is a missed opportunity for Apple. On the upside, fewer grooves would mean fewer crevices for dust to seep in.

Like with the original, the SmartCover for 5th generation iPad comes in multiple color and material options, including papaya orange, red, pink, olive green, gray, white, black, and aqua blue. YouTuber UnboxTherapy posted this rundown of the SmartCovers.

Apple is expected to launch the 9.7-inch 5th generation iPad on October 22, 2013.