ARM Unveils Mali-D71 Display Processor, MMU-600 and Assertive Display 5 For 4K VR And HDR

At the ARM Taipei Tech Symposium, ARM has introduced new advanced display processor called Mali-D71 and two new IP blocks - the CoreLink MMU-600 and Assertive Display 5 focusing on VR and HDR capabilities and implementations.

The Mali-D71 is based on the new Komeda display architecture and can handle 4K resolution at 120 Hz. The next is a memory management unit called MMU-600 that helps the D-71 with high bandwidth and low latency memory accesses to achieve that 4K/120 spec. The last is the Assertive Display 5, which also helps the D-71 to provide HDR support across a wide range of specifications.

All three blocks, the Mali-D71, MMU-600, and Assertive Display 5 are available now to partners and are expected to appear in devices in 2019.