Sony Xperia Z1 Display Compared To The Z Ultra, Interesting Results Inside

Thinking of picking up the new Sony Xperia Z1? Wondering how it fares against the Xperia Z Ultra phablet, which is said to have a beautiful display (a much needed feat after the Xperia Z/ZL display fiasco)? Well, Xperia Blog has a full comparison shootout between the two devices, with startling results at the end of the thorough testing.

First off, the display of the Xperia Z1 is very bright, much brighter than the somewhat dim Z Ultra panel. That being said, the minimum brightness on the Z1 is much higher than that on the Z Ultra. While Sony managed to fix much of the viewing angles problem that plagued the Xperia Z, the issue is still present. The culprit here is the VA (vertical alignment) LCD panels used in the Z1. Thankfully, the VA panels do have its own benefits of mind-blowing colors and contrast, and saturation that is just enought to make colors punchy without looking unnatural. Mind you, this experience can only be had when you're looking at the display head-on, which is the case about 90% of the time with our phones. The Xperia Z Ultra uses an IPS panel, and while it has lesser contrast and less vivid colors, it boasts of very wide viewing angles.

Check out the complete display comparison in the gallery embedded below.