Nokia Tablet Passes The FCC, Headed For AT&T And Verizon


Up until now, we've heard quite a lot of stories about a "mystery" Nokia tablet. Said to run Windows 8.1 RT out of the box, the existence of the tablet is merely based on tweets made by (the reliable) @evleaks as well as some random leaks from here and there. This time round, we have some pretty concrete evidence that makes the existence of the Nokia tablet, codenamed RX-114, pretty much undeniable. This came to be after the device was approved by the FCC, and will arrive on AT&T and Verizon when it is launched next month (October 22nd, according to Nokia's tweets).

Good news for those who like to use data on the go, the Nokia RX-114 packs support for LTE bands 2,4,5,13 and 17 in addition to full 2G and 3G connectivity. Meaning, both variants of the tablet (one for AT&T and the other for Verizon) will support 4G LTE.

At this moment, we are incredibly excited about Nokia World, scheduled to take place in Abu Dhabi on October 22nd. While four of the six devices alleged to be announced on the fateful day have already been accounted for, details about two other "mystery" devices are still in the dark.