Qualcomm Launches Its Latest ARM Server Processor

A few months after its announcement, Qualcomm has finally announced that the Centriq 2400, its latest ARM server processor manufactured using 10nm process, is ready for commercial deployment. It is said that the processor is designed for data centers and offers high performance for cloud workloads.

This is just one of many efforts to dent Intel's control over the market for data center chips, which controls the majority of the servers in the world.

The Centriq 2400 series is built using Samsung's 10-nanometer FinFET process with 18 billion transistors on 398mm2 die in a system-on-chip package. It packs up to 48 high-performance cores, running at 2.6 GHz and has 6 channels of DDR4 memory that can support up to 768GB of RAM.