PlayStation 4 More Popular In US according To Recent Survey

It seems that at the moment the Sony's PlayStation 4 is garnering more interest by people looking to purchase new hardware in the United States than Microsoft's Xbox One console as was determined in a poll conducted by Reuters and Ipsos. Even more won't buying anything.

In the an online poll, 1,297 were surveyed about their intentions when it came to what console they would purchase. The PlayStation 4 received 26% of the vote, topping the Xbox One's 15%. The numbers went up for people under the age of 40 and showed a widening gap, with the PS4 beating out the Xbox on with 41% vs. 27%.

When asked what consoles they were gaming on now, 20% went to both the Xbox 360 and personal computers, 18% to the PlayStation 3 and only 3% were playing on Nintendo's Wii U.

The overall winner in the poll was hand down "nothing", as 64% of the total number surveyed said that had no plans on buying any new hardware this coming holiday season.