Samsung Claims 100 Million Users with ChatOn

With the likes of WhatsApp gaining critical mass appeal in emerging markets much in the same way as Facebook did around 2008, there's a mad rush to get a slice of the mobile IM service market. Samsung has its own ChatOn service to chew on, and claims it crossed the 100 million user mark.

Samsung attributes growth of ChatOn to steady growth in markets such as China, India, and the United States. Mobile IM is being seen as precursors to something that threatens to even make social networking websites obsolete, and so none of the big Internet companies are taking the WhatsApp phenomenon lightly.

Says Samsung in a press-release;

ChatON has experienced steady growth in India, China, and the United States, and is becoming increasingly popular in Europe and the Middle East. The service was designed to ensure that users across the globe can communicate in multiple languages - ChatON currently supports 63 languages in major countries of the world. ChatON was designed in-line with Samsung's drive to deliver products that meet specific local needs in different markets. In India for example, ChatON has seen exponential growth as the service supports 10 regional dialects, with plans to support 13 dialects by the end of 2013. Additional features such as the Ramadan Anicon have helped boost its popularity in the Middle East.

ChatOn comes pre-installed with most Samsung smartphones, is available on Google Play, and is compatible with most Android smartphones.