NVIDIA Launches New Entry-Level GPUs For Notebooks

With AMD's Ryzen processors coming to notebooks, it will be interesting to see whether discrete entry-level can survive. Until that happens, NVIDIA wants to take as much market share as it can and has now silently launched two new affordable mobile graphics cards - MX110 and MX130.

Not much is known about the GPUs as NVIDIA has yet to share more details about them. The company only gives a performance score of 'up to 1.5x' for the MX110, and 'up to 2.5x' for the MX130, compared to 'up to 4.0x' for the MX150 and 1.0x for the Intel UHD620.

There are some reports that the MX130 is actually a rebranded 930MX, but that isn't confirmed yet. Expect first notebooks with new GPUs in early 2018.