Shadow Of The Eternals On Indefinite Hold

On Precursor Game's official forums, the studio's Chief Creative Officer, Denis Dyack, has stated that the team has decided to put the Shadow of the Eternals project on hold. They feel it's time to give it all a rest, but may be looking at restarting it in the future.

It is with a heavy heart that we have decided to put the Shadow of the Eternals project on hold. We are very happy with what we have accomplished both as a group and with the community. The community has blown us away and was the one thing that kept us going through it all - we cannot thank you enough.

Many of us will be taking a break. For those who are not aware, we all worked on this project as a labor of love and self financed 100% of everything for a over a year to try to make Shadow of the Eternals a reality. Although we did not succeed on doing this, we succeeded in making many friends and starting something that we hope provided value for those involved. We have no regrets.

Precursor games has had its share of problems when its initial Kickstarter campaign for the game was cancelled half way through after managing to only raise $128,000 of their $1.3 million goal. They stated that the cancellation was because they had exciting news about new opportunities that would make the game better. They relaunched another Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $750,000, but only managed to get $320,000 in pledges by the time it ended. In another blow to company, one of the co-founders, Ken McCulloch, was arrested on charges of ownership of child pornography, and the company quickly cut all ties with him.

Is the project dead? No, but we feel it needs a rest too. We have all agreed as a group that when and if the time is right we will get together and start it up again.

There was no word on how long of a break the team was planning on taking, or if they were going to work on other projects in the interim.