Microsoft Releases Two New Ads Covering Surface 2, Win8.1 Start Button

Microsoft has recently released a couple of new advertisement videos on YouTube to better inform people on just what their product can do and how they work. The first is an advertisement on the Surface 2, and the second concerns the Windows 8.1 Start Button.

Let's begin with the Surface 2 advertisement. Seems that Microsoft has decided to abandon people jumping around and dancing, and instead shows people using the Surface 2 tablet's functionality. This is a good move on Microsoft's part as it gives the table a more professional image.

The second is a short video showing how the new Start Button on Windows 8.1 works. We reported back in June that the Start Button was just a persistent version of the little popup used now to get to the Modern UI tile page. Nothing has changed, and people still clinging to the hopes of having an actual "Start Menu" will still have to rely on 3rd party applications or utilities.

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