Veteran Modders Start Studio, launch New RPG Kickstarter

If you are a fan of Bethesda's Elder Scrolls series of games, you may be interested in knowing that a group of veteran modders from the Elder Scrolls community and industry experienced artists have formed a studio and plan on making a Skyrim type open-world game.

The game is called Unwritten: Echoes of Twilight and is touted as being a single player, open world, open play, fantasy role playing game where player choices determine the direction, flow and the outcome of the game.

Most RPGs out there today would be considered story driven, where a main quest line is presented as the overall premise for the game play. Even when it's possible to delay the main quest, it's not usually possible to avoid it and still progress within the game. In the Unwritten series, game play is player driven, meaning you create your own game experience as you play and develop your avatar's story. As you explore our universe and make your choices you will lock and unlock different experience pathways with every play through.

That's quite the lofty goal, but the group thinks they have what it takes to bring the game to fruition and have formed Druid Gameworks Studio and launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the game. They state they will use the funds to get more development licenses, purchase middleware, hire more people, for publishing and promotion, and for character porting to future to Unwritten titles.

You can get more details on all the features they are planning for the game on their Kickstarter page.