Samsung Launches PEN.UP, A Social Network For S Pen Doodles

Earlier today, Samsung launched PEN.UP, a new social network which is based on doodles made using Samsung's very own S Pens. Yup, for all those talented artists who haven't been able to show-off all their works to the world, PEN.UP is the platform you've been waiting for. We don't know whether the app will be made available to only Galaxy Note devices, all high-end Galaxy Smartphones or to all Android devices on the Play Store (update: only S Pen equipped Galaxy Notes are compatible with this app). Even if it is the first case, with over 40 million Galaxy Note sales, there are enough people to populate the newly launched social network and make it a lively place.

Head over to the Play Store, download PEN.UP, start doodling and begin sharing right away.