Don't Grind, Buy a Level 85 Character in EverQuest II

It used to be that grinding your way to high levels in an MMO was sort of a right of passage and included bragging rights galore. Now SOE has decided that people just don't have the time and patience for that so you can now buy an 85th level "Heroic Character".

If you log into your account for Everquest II before October 15th, you can now get a free "Heroic Character" that is 85th level, or upgrade and existing character (after that you will have to pay for it). The offer also includes a "Huge Bag of Goodies" that includes a flying mount. The high level character will give you instant access to high level content so that you can reach the end game (level 95) faster.

The Senior Producer of Everquest II stated on a blog post that, "Former players don't want to play catch-up to Level 95, existing players don't want to start over at Level 1 with their friends, and some players just want to get into high-end guilds and raids because that's what they love to do. There's been a lot of great feedback that led us to create Heroic Characters."

It used to be the bane of raid parties every where when some n00b would buy a high level account and have no clue how to actually play with a raid group, much less in the high level content. I guess times have changed, and with the game going free-to-play it's all a good thing now.