Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Teardown Reveals $270 Worth Of Components

Tech Insights

The new Galaxy Note 3 from Samsung is one hell of a device. With a 5.7-inch display fit inside a super compact frame which is nearly as large as the original Galaxy Note (albeit, with a 5.3-inch display instead), the Note 3 is the pocketable powerhouse that we've been waiting for (Sony's Xperia Z Ultra is a little too big).

The same phone has been subjected to a full tear down treatment, which ultimately revealed the BoM for the phone. The components for each Galaxy Note 3 costs Samsung $270. Compare that to the $750 retail pricing and you begin to wonder why the difference (profit margin) is so large. That's because BoM doesn't take into account the massive amounts of money spent on R&D, marketing & advertising as well as for assembly, packaging and delivery of the product.

Check out the full tear down treatment by following the source link posted below.