LG 'G Flex' To Be A Bent Smartphone, Not Necessarily Flexible

Two phone makers, as far as we know, are gearing up to launch their first Smartphones with flexible panels. One of them, Samsung, will reportedly launch a flexible variant of the Galaxy Note 3 as early as next week. Meanwhile, LG will take another month, i.e. November before they unveil their "G Flex" Smartphone.

According to latest reports, the LG G Flex (that's what it's called) will pack a 6-inch bent display, which is artistically bent and will not be bendable by the user. Get this, you can't fold the display or do anything. Ultimately, it'll be like any other Smartphone in the market, save for the fact that the display is being curved slightly (and is fixed in that position). And we actually thought we could fold this thing and put it in our pockets. Sigh...

For more details, we'll have to wait for the official announcement scheduled for next month.