Amazon Smartphone Codenamed "Smith" Incoming, 3D UI In Tow

For many months we've been hearing rumors that Amazon might be working on a Kindle branded Smartphone of their own. That rumor is now out of its slumber once again, but has changed a bit since the last time we visited this topic. Get ready for Amazon "Smith," the internal codename for the company's first Smartphone, rumored to be released later this year (or at MWC 2014).

The original rumor, as reported by the Wall Street Journal, spoke of a 3D display with eye tracking technology. The new rumor talks of a 3D user interface (perhaps it was misinterpreted as a 3D display in the original rumor). So everything 3D about Amazon "Smith" will be in the software and not the hardware. There's no word on whether the device will come packing a closer-to-vanilla Andorid or Amazon's custom Fire OS. In case it's the latter, people are going to have a real problem if they don't have access to Google Play Store.

We'll have to wait out the next few months to learn more about Amazon's W.I.P Smartphone.