Dead Man's Draw Arrives On App Store

Just a week ago we reported that Stardock had created a mobile game division aptly named, "Stardock Mobile". The have just announced that the first game from them for iOS devices is making its debut on Apple's App Store. Dead Man's Draw can be had for $1.99.

The game takes elements from puzzle, strategy and classic card games, with a new twist to the card game genre. Swords steal, maps uncover, and cannons blast, but draw two of the same suit and you'll lose it all.

Dead Man's Draw features deep and engaging gameplay where players can discover the best power-ups to counter opponents and overcome special rules that turn traditional card-game action on its head. Combo your card's abilities to steal from your opponent, test your luck in the draw to obtain powerful treasure, or mount an offense that will gain you ultimate victory.

You can check out the game's website at the source link and jump to the App Store here.

Stardock Mobile is set to release Hero Busters and Star Trails early next year, but there is no official word on an exact release date.