Samsung Denies Cheating In Benchmarks

Mac Observer

Despite the comprehensive testing done by the team over at AnandTech, Samsung couldn't keep their flap open and spoke out today with an official statement denying all charges of cheating in benchmarks. While we do know the truth, here's Samsung's version of the situation.

The Galaxy Note 3 maximizes its CPU/GPU frequencies when running features that demand substantial performance. This was not an attempt to exaggerate particular benchmarking results. We remain committed to providing our customers with the best possible user experience.

Well, we aren't mad at you Samsung. In fact, companies like HTC, ASUS and LG were also caught cheating in benchmarks (proof can be found here). The point is that we consumers would rather have your developers spend their time enhancing the functionality of the phone's software, bring new features, tweak existing ones and work towards providing an even better experience. This is instead of spending all those resources optimizing the SoC in the device to perform better in certain benchmarks to be able to score an edge over the competition in reviews. It's partly the fault of phone reviewers and their heavy emphasis on the mobile benchmarks which has forced OEMs to get to tuning, to be able to out-do phones from other manufacturers.