NewKube Heads Westwards with CES Debut

Singapore-based electronics OEM Bluetree's locally hit gadget, the NewKube portable music player, is all set to make its western debut at the 2013 International CES, held next week. Availability in key western markets could follow soon after. It is currently available from, priced at US $33.90.

Measuring exactly one cubic inch (2.54 cm³), the tiny players will be available in four color options, hot-pink, bright-red, black, and silver, all built in solid aluminum. Its design is quite simple -- a blind (lacks display) music player that can shuffle or sequentially play back MP3 files stored in multiple folders.

Each of the NewKube's six sides has buttons, jacks (stereo out), slots (micro-SDHC), or ports (micro-USB). The player doesn't have any internal memory, and instead relies on its micro-SDHC slot to hold cards with capacities of up to 32 GB. MP3, WMA, and WAV formats are supported. Missing in action are FLAC and AAC. Each player ships with a color-matched pair of earphones, and a lanyard.

Bluetree Electronics, a maker of next generation audio technology, today announced the NewKube, world's smallest MP3 player that delivers rich audio playback, will make its U.S. debut at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The NewKube will be on display for music writers and gadget journalists at the ShowStoppers event at the Wynn Hotel on January 8.

The NewKube is actually the third generation of the renowned Kube family of compact MP3 players that deliver clear, crisp audio playback of music optimized by genre in a tiny device with a long battery life. A fully charged NewKube offers a non-stop audio experience on a cross-country flight without running out of battery power.

"Our customers love the Kube family of MP3 players and made suggestions for all of the new features we put into the NewKube," said Sem Chong, managing director, CEO and founder of Bluetree Electronics. "We're delighted to introduce the NewKube on the stage of the world's largest consumer electronic event at CES 2013. We believe there is still a huge opportunity for standalone MP3 players because there are so many situations where using the NewKube is preferred to using the music player on a smartphone. We believe the sound from the NewKube is better than any music player on any smartphone."

The NewKube offers a number of new features not available on earlier generations of the Kube family of MP3 devices, including:

  • Lock button - to prevent accidentals
  • Repeat button - not found in comparable simple MP3 players such as the iPod Shuffle
  • Jump Folder - allows you to get to the specific song location, also not found in simple MP3 players like the iPod Shuffle.
  • EQ Pre-sets - lets users select music settings for optimized playback of Pop, Rock, Classical music and other genres.
  • NewKube has a new design, a better looking case, and new colors.

The NewKube measures in at one cubed inch (the size of a small ice cube or dice), and is made with an aluminum body. The player's touch screen streamlines audio navigation and control, and offers up to six hours of continuous playback in a single hour USB charge. The NewKube offers a removable microSD slot making music capacity adaptable based on the size of the installed memory card instead of pre-defined internal memory. A small tote bag for the player, charging cord and headphones can carry additional microSD cards for more music selection.

The Kube is available immediately online for $33.90 via