Sony Xperia Z1 Faces Drop Test, Doesn't Live To Tell The Tale

As with every new Smartphone to arrive in their office, the folks over at Android Authority put the new Sony Xperia Z1 through their usual drop tests. Sadly, the otherwise sturdy looking Sony flagship didn't survive the test to share it's experience.

In the drop test, the same Xperia Z1 was dropped three times from different angles (from the side, back and front). The initial result looked really good as the phone survived with just a few cosmetic punctures here and there. The frame and the glass held up their own, and there was no shattering of glass (though, scratches were present). Sadly, some of the internal components moved due to being dropped which rendered the phone useless as it refused to switch on afterwards. In case you own an Xperia Z1, you might want to put it in a nice and sturdy case.