Enter Borderlands 2 Contest For A Chance At Cash, Prizes And In-Game Goodies

In a continued celebration of the success of Borderlands 2, 2K and Gearbox have announced a competition for players called "Borderlands 2 $100,00 Loot Hunt". They are giving away $100,000 in cash and a whole bunch of other prizes through the in-game event.

The sweepstakes will run for four weeks and tasks players with taking out daily targets (one a day for 28 days), and the grand prize winner will receive a cool $50,000 in cash. Four other participants will also receive a monetary payout that totals the other $50,000.

The cash is not the oly thing you can win, however. There will also be PlayStation Vita with copies of Borderlands 2 Vita when it's released, Customized Borderlands 2 XP SEVEN headsets from Turtle Beach, NVIDIA Shield PC Streaming set-up with a custom painted Tiki PC by Falcon Northwest, Borderlands 2 Game of the Year Edition Strategy Guides by BradyGame, and Lifetime supplies of all 2K titles on Steam; past, present and future.

The contest will run from October 11th (10 AM EDT) to November 7th (5 AM EST). Only vault looter in the United States will be able to win cash and sponsored prizes, but players worldwide can still enter to get in-game loot.