State Of Decay Hits 1 Million Sales Milestone

Since its release on June 5th for the Xbox 360 version and subsequently September 20th for the PC on Steam Early Access, and it's problems getting out in Australia, Undead Labs has announced that their game, State of Decay, has hit the 1,000,000 units sold milestone.

They gave some kudos to every one who purchased and is playing the game in saying, "We are humbled by your continuing support and enthusiasm for the ideas in State of Decay. Your encouragement drives us to keep working and keep improving. You got us here with your energy, your feedback, and your telling your friends about us. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and brains."

They also hinted about the release of their upcoming downloadable content, Breakout, for the game, but stopped short of giving out any real information about it, like a date. There is a little known at this time in that it will include a sandbox mode, new weapons and new hero NPCs that can help out in-game.

We're not going to stop, either! We're so close to having some news about our first DLC pack that we're going to go ahead and offer State of Decay: Breakdown as a prize in our One Million Celebration. Please stop by the comment thread attached to this post, and share your favorite memory of development, or favorite in-game experience. We'll pick five people at random to get codes for a free copy of Breakdown, and ten others to win some Undead swag.

Here's the official launch trailer in case you missed it.