Apple iPhone 5S Battery Test Reveals Less Than Stellar Life

Apple's products are characterized by long battery lives. Sadly, iOS 7 brought with nasty surprise in the form of battery drain and poor optimization, leading to some really poor battery life results, especially for an Apple iOS powered device (Smartphone or tablet). The latest device to go through GSMArena's battery tests is the new iPhone 5S, which sadly doesn't fare as well as we'd hoped it would.

Despite being powered by a larger 1,560 mAh battery than the smaler 1,440 mAh battery unit in yesteryear's iPhone 5, the new iPhone scores only marginally higher in video playback, web browsing and 3G talktime. Competitors like the Sony Xperia Z1 are leagues ahead in that respect, while other Android monsters have caught up and surpassed the battery life offered by Apple's iPhones.

Will Apple fix their unusally low battery performance with a future software update? Perhaps on the iPhone 5S, but older iPhones are undeniably suffering under the new iOS (7).