Godus Gets Beta 1.3 Update, Adds The Bronze Age

If you jumped on the chance to play Godus, the "god game" in development by Peter Molyneux and his team at 22 Cans Studio, and purchased it on Steam while it's still in Early Access, you probably will like to know that it has received an update which adds a lot.

The short version is the update, "Beta 1.3" adds the Bronze Age and what they are calling the "era of agriculture". It includes 12 new Bronze Age advances which include farming, politics and cartography, as well as 8 new collectible resource cards and 8 new god cards. You can also unlock farm followers and expand your civilization using agriculture.

The game is available for for both the Mac and Windows PC on Steam for $19.99 in its current beta state.

Here is the entire list from the most recent update so you don't have to jump;

  • Flow completed recrafted, much less meaningless clicking
  • Enter the Bronze Age and era of agriculture.
  • 12 New Bronze age advances including Farming, Politics and Cartography.
  • 8 New Resource cards to collect
  • 8 New God Cards to collect
  • New unlocks to increase your Area of Influence, speed up followers and cheaper settlements
  • Unlock a new Farmer Follower and grow your civilisation through agriculture
  • Farmers will grow crops outside of settlements for the population
  • Crops are gathered to feed your population and advance your civilisation
  • Choose the most fertile and efficient land for your crops
  • Dynamic weather system where lightning storms will bombard your
  • Homeworld, damaging Abodes not in a settlement
  • Sprogging centralised within settlements rather than on individual Abodes
  • Sprogging from Abodes only available when the Followers have a job
  • Abodes inside a settlement now have second stories allowing much greater capacity and Belief.
  • Multiplayer balanced so that enemy followers will not fight each other as you plan dominance
  • New scrapbook hints
  • Felt tents no longer produce Belief and instead house more Followers and have faster Follower generation
  • Faster info bubbles
  • New God Power icons
  • Followers share their thoughts and needs via Prayers
  • Beam added to Shrines within Area of Influence
  • All battle maps quicker to fight
  • Totem rebalanced to reduce number of Followers
  • Finger of God is now more effective
  • Townlife is now more meaningful
  • New gem seams added to Homeworld
  • Rebalanced trees and rocks