The Impossible Line Update Adds 100 More Levels

If you've completed all 200 levels of the addictive little mobile game The Impossible Line, head back to the App Store to get the latest 1.1.0 version. Publisher Chillingo has announced they have added 100 more levels to the game. The game is free for the taking.

The game tasks players with using their finger to draw a line on a chalkboard, while avoiding objects, to reach a goal. This would normally be viewed as a simple task except the walls and objects disappear when you start drawing and you have to rely on your memory to complete it successfully.

The game features are;

• Over 200 [now 300 with the updated version] levels to complete, each with a different unique challenge!
• Stuck? Use a hint of an illuminating torchlight to help you out of a jam!
• Super casual gameplay with a challenging twist, great for all kinds of gamers!
• Universal: Works great on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.