Path Of Exile Gets October 23rd Release Date and New Trailer

Path of Exile, an online action fantasy role playing game that has been in open beta for months, is set to release on October 23rd of this year as can be seem by doing a little math based on the countdown timer on the official website. Get's a release trailer too.

The game is currently still in open beta and you can sign up if you want. The game is completely free and the developer states that it will never be "play to win".

Players can choose from six character classes which focus on one or two of the attributes strength, intelligence and dexterity. The game also features a skill gem system, for socketing gems into equipment for better skills, a passive skill tree, an item system and additionally leagues and events for competitive online play.

It's free so jump to the source link to sign-up now. Go on, what are you waiting for?