2012 Not A Great Year For Games According To Metacritic

Game review aggregator Metacritic released its scores for the 2012 gaming year and the results are rather dismal. There were less games in the top tier (90+) than in any previous years to date. Only 18 games hit the 90+ mark and of them only 3 were PC titles.

We all knew that 2012 was not an exceptional year for video games, but the 90+ games were extremely slim. When you look at 2011 there were almost twice as many games that received top marks (32 total) and 23 of them were console games, which was higher than all game platforms put together in 2012.

As for PC games, a total of 114 computer games received positive reviews from critics last year, the highest figure for any gaming platform in 2012, an increase by 13 compared to the total of green-scoring PC games released in 2011. The improvement, however, came at the lower end of the "green" scale. This matches the lowest yearly total of great PC games in the last six years.

Here hoping that 2013 will be a much better year for gaming on all platforms. There are a lot of good looking games being announced, but not until they are actually played will we know if they are any good.

On a side note, the two games pictured in this article, Dishonored and Guild Wars 2, both received great scores with 91 and 90 respectively.