Apple Wants Greater Market Share In India

According to a new report, Apple is working towards increasing their market share in India. The Cupertino company aims to do so by increasing their infiltration into Indian towns and by offering more affordable phones. Wait... What? Affordable phones?

Yes, the company feels that due to lack of any subsidy, people in India are not adopting to the iPhone (or switching from other platforms) as fast as they would like them to. Perhaps it has something to do with the almost non-sensically high pricing of Apple's phones, but the company doesn't feel that way (and nothing we say will change their minds). While Samsung holds 36% of the Indian pie market share, Apple is at a measly 2%, there is certainly a lot of room for expansion. We just hope that we too don't fall into a trap system much like the one being followed in the US, which is nothing but a slow milking of all consumers.

"Apple has realized that if it wants to grow fast in India, it has to look beyond the metros. The company wants to grow upwards of 30% year-on-year in India and feels the smaller markets would play a critical role since the aspiration level of Apple products amongst the youth and rich is growing there as well."-CEO of India retail chain

Make your move Apple, we're watching (and waiting).