Anti-Shake Feature To Give Tripod Like Camera Quality In Future Samsung Flagships

Patent Bolt

Samsung is working on a new camera module for their next-generation Galaxy Smartphones. In 2014, the Korean giants will stop using Sony's sensors for yet another flagship of theirs. This time round, the camera module is coming off Samsung's in-house development work, and it might just take the crown by offering many-fold better low-light photography. That's because the new sensor is eight times brighter than the module in present high-end Galaxy Smartphones.

Also, a new feature called "anti-shake" increases angular correction to 1.5°, up from 0.7° in present-day digital cameras. This feature will allegedly enable to take tripod-like stable images even without using the accessory/stand. In all likelihood, Samsung will debut their new camera module in the Galaxy S4, which is perhaps another 4-5 months away from its unveiling.