HTC One Max To Be Announced On October 18, Invitations Sent Out

HTC's long rumored and hotly anticipated phablet (the company's first), the HTC One Max, is finally confirmed to be announced on October 18. This time, the source of the information is straight from the official invitation card to the event, sent out by HTC themselves.

In case you're wondering what the Chinese text reads:

One finger opens up a big view

You are invited to immerse in the sound with us

We can say with a 100% certainity that the Taiwanese phone maker is referring to the fingerprint reader at the back of the device, which can (and will) be used to unlock the One Max (the future is already here, remember?). Most of the specifications of the phablet have already been reported multiple times in the past few weeks. We'll just wait for the official announcement before reporting them (the final specifications) again.