Amazon Begins Shipping Chromecast Worldwide

The U.S. trunk of Amazon began listing Google's wonder gadget Chromecast, with international shipping options. With a little currency conversion magic, Amazon is able to sell Chromecast to international buyers, both legally, and in a cost-effective way.

To buyers from the U.K., for example, the $35 is available at £35, including a £5.79 shipping fee. Other territories include ANZ (Australia and New Zealand), Germany, and Hong Kong. 'Strayans can get their Chromecasts for AU $36.42 (excl. shipping). Annoyingly, the Chromecast app for Android and iOS are available to users in the US only, so you'll have to hunt down the installer (*.apk file), to be able to use it.

Get Chromecast with international shipping here.