Nexus 5 To Offer Over 12 GB Of User-Accessible Storage, 8 MP Rear Camera Confirmed

One major complaint with all of the current flagship Smartphones is that they offer just too little internal storage that is actually accessible by the user. Take the Galaxy S4 for example, which gives under 9 GB of the advertised 16 GB storage on the box. Well, at least such phones come with expandable storage slots, but what about those which don't? Google's Nexus 4 was one of them. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that 8 GB of internal, out of which less than 4 GB is usable, is simply not enough for a flagship-like Smartphone in 2012, but Google went ahead with it anyway. Thankfully, the company has (by some miracle) become wiser, for the base model of Nexus 4 2013 (i.e. Nexus 5) will come with 16 GB of storage. What's more, over 12 GB of the advertised storage will be user accessible.

The new screenshots also confirm 2 GB of RAM, and the 8 MP rear camera which is supposed to be capable of taking powerful low-light images. We'll find out about that soon enough when Google goes official with the new Nexus Smartphone later this month.