Motorola DVX To Feature 4.5" Display, $250 Off-Contract Price Tag

The Motorola DVX, the affordable variant of the Moto X which was announced earlier this year, is inching closer to its own official announcement with each passing day. According to a reliable source from China, the device will cost between 1200 to 1500 Yuan, which translates to roughly $200 (we are taking a safe bet at $250). Mind you, the prices here are without any contract whatsoever.

For the lower price tag, you do get lesser features as well. The dual-core Snapdragon processor will give way for a cheaper solution. The DVX will come with a smaller 4.5-inch LCD display (instead of AMOLED), dual SIM slots and removable back covers as well (to allow for easily exchangeable batteries).

We are hungry to know more about the Motorola DVX, aren't you?