Google To Unify SMS And MMS Into Hangouts?

Here's a new piece of news that is relevant to all those who text frequently on their phones.. The word is that Google is working towards full integration of SMS and MMS into their Hangouts app, which is primarily meant for Google Talk and Hangouts (video chatting). Upon powering on a typical Android device, you are greeted with the standard messaging app, Google+ Messenger and also the somewhat-new Hangouts app. The Mountain View company is working hard to clear up this mess by unifying all of the aforementioned into a single app, and that would greatly simply things for all of us (thank you Google).

Android Police reports that version 1.3 of the Hangouts app will allow users to enable SMS. While the default messaging app won't go silent overnight, we expect all Android users to gradually shift to Hangouts for all things related to messaging (save for Whatsapp, and other similar IM apps).