Colorful Lumia 1520 Caught On Camera, Lumia 2520 To Come With Kickstand And 1080p Display

October is a very happening month for Nokia. Think of this period as the calm before the storm, whose arrival date is set for October 22nd. Nokia World, which kicks off on the aforementioned date, will usher in a dozen new products by Nokia, out of which one is a tablet and the other, a phablet. Interestingly, both are a first for the Finnish company (now that's something).

The Lumia 1520 phablet packs a 6-inch 1080p display and has been caught numerous times on camera over the last couple of weeks. This time, the upcoming Lumia Smartphone was caught chilling out with another phone from the same family and one from Apple's party.

Another Nokia device in the news is the upcoming Lumia 2520 (tablet), codenamed Sirius. Running on Microsoft's Windows 8.1 RT, the Lumia 2520 will allegedly come bundled with a kickstand. Also, Windows RT will add support for 1080p displays with the upcoming update. Taking advantage of that, the Lumia 2520 allegedly features a 10.1-inch Full HD panel. We expect Nokia to offer at least six color variants of both the upcoming Lumias.

October 22nd can't come soon enough.