Nokia Lumia 1320 Is The... Nokia Batman?

evleaks, our trusty source of daily leaks, has made a new tweet which has literally come out of nowhere. According to the twitter account holder, Nokia is working on yet another Lumia Smartphone. The Lumia 1320 will be launched as the "Nokia Batman." How about that?

While we have seen a special edition Lumia before (Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 Dark Knight Editions), there is no major Batman movie slated for release in the next couple of months (except one in late 2014, but why would Nokia gear up for that so soon?). Don't expect to see the Lumia 1320 be unveiled on October 22nd, during Nokia World 2013.

Whatever it is, the Nokia Batman will most probably end up as a limited edition handset, with no more than a couple of hundred of them (probably lesser) in circulation. Precisely the reason why they'd end up selling for over $1000 on eBay, just like the previous Batman themed Lumias did.