Early Galaxy Note 3 Prototype Had A Fingerprint Reader On-Board

With Apple having announced a Smartphone with a fingerprint reader, many have been left wondering as to when Samsung will announce their own biometric sensor equipped mobile device. And with a growing number of devices confirmed to pack a fingerprint reader on the back (Pantech, HTC, more to follow), where is Samsung?

Turns out, the world leader was indeed working on a Galaxy Note 3 prototype with the said biometric sensor on-board. Of course, that prototype didn't get through, and hence the final Note 3 doesn't come with a sensor at the back. But that doesn't mean that Samsung won't announce such a device in the (near) future. For now, the company is gauging the public's reaction to the recently announced Galaxy Round, which is a world's first in at least one way (hint: it's the 'round' display).