Skype For Android Gets New Tablet UI, Massively Enhanced Video Call Quality

Just two days after releasing a massive update for Apple's iOS platform, Microsoft has released a new version of Skype for Android. Among other things, the newest version of the app brings an enhanced, better laid-out user interface exclusively for Android tablets. However, the new features that have been introduced to tablets were available to Smartphones users ever since the app was updated back in June.

Moving on, Skype now supports higher resolution video chats when compared to the older versions of the app. Chat with your friends, family or love at up to 4 times the standard resolution, regardless of whether you're using your phone or your tablet (of course, your device display must first support the higher resolution to actually take advantage of it).

Skype (version 4.4) for Android changelog:

  • Accessibility improvements with full support for TalkBack screen reader
  • Updates that address incoming call issues, including one that was causing phones to reboot
  • Additional changes to audio routing
  • Display and UX enhancements when switching orientation

Additionally, the software company will release the updated Skype app for Amazon's new Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire HD X sometime in the near future.

Skype for Android on Google Play Store