Lenovo Mulling HTC Aquisition

Here's a scenario that would never have entered any of our tiny heads , even in our wildest geeky dreams last year, but sounds much more believable after the turn of events which unfolded gradually over the entire year of 2013. Lenovo is mulling acquiring HTC.

There. I said it. The world's largest PC maker, who also happen to hold a majority of the Chinese PC market share, might be in talks with HTC to acquire the latter. Seeing the bad state in which the Taiwanese phone maker is in, an acquisition would actually help save the company. Lenovo is, without a doubt, aiming for the US market here. If they do manage to gobble up HTC, they probably won't do away with the brand name (since customers in the US trust HTC way more than Lenovo). Also, the talks didn't start recently, but have gone on since August now.

The market landscape would really change if Lenovo were to acquire HTC. Up until now, the former's Smartphones sold mainly in China, with a few models creeping into neighboring countries like India. Imagine, the Lenovo HTC Two in 2014.