Sony Wanted To Bundle PS Eye Camera With The PlayStation 4

Costed too much

SCE president and CEO Andrew House revealed in a recent interview that Sony originally had plans to include the PlayStation Eye camera accessory into the $400 bundle. So what exactly happened of it? Well, according to the company, they would "lose" too much money if the PS Eye were a part of the PlayStation 4 bundle. That sounds about right if you take into consideration the reports which say that Sony is already selling their next-generation console at a slight loss (which should be recovered by game sales, of course). While Sony could have bumped the price of the PS4 to $500 at launch and included the accessory just like Microsoft did, the Japanese company didn't, and that is probably one of the contributing factors as to why the PS4 beat Xbox One pre-orders in many regions across the globe.

We're barely a month away from the launch of next-generation consoles. Can't deny that there lies exciting times ahead of us (gamers). Head over to the source link to watch the complete interview.