Samsung Confirms Galaxy S III Sudden Death

Throughout the last two months, we've crossed numerous reports of Samsung Galaxy S III sudden death. The issue appears with only a limited number of handsets with 16 GB memory which dies unexpectedly overnight while charging or on long standby. From what we could find out, the problem lies in firmware that can be fixed by another update.

"The problem occurs for users according to both the software from Samsung itself as custom ROMs. If the problem occurs, the phone will not be activated. This often happens at night when not in use," said the company spokesperson Anne Ter Braak.

With previously confirmed security issue on Exynos-based devices, this is Samsung's another crucial issue. Users which have experienced this issue got their Galaxy S III quickly replaced by Samsung without many question, even those with modified ROMs. There is no official information when the fix will be done, but we expect it should be shortly after the 4.1.2 update completes.